How to deposit and withdraw from Binomo?

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We are going through an era where online trading is growing rapidly, and since its foundation (2014), Binomo has established itself as a reliable and convenient service for trading. So, in this review, we are going to give instructions on the ways of funding the deposit, and how to withdraw earning funds from Binomo. 

Binomo deposit methods and options

binomo deposit

Once you have decided to get involved in the trading world of  Binomo, the platform is offering a number of deposit methods that you are able to choose. The users can deposit both mobile and web versions of the site; they are on the page “Cashier” – “Deposit”. For the ones who use the mobile application, it is the “Make a deposit” button. To deposit includes a good number of choices such as bank cards or e-wallets.

Minimum deposit

It is a disbelief that you need a fortune to invest. Binomo minimum deposit amount is the proof of otherwise. If you are willing to get extra income that is based on correct forecasts, you need the amount for a deposit is only 10$. If you are wondering what about the other currencies, you need the equivalent amount on the currency of your account. So, for South Africa the minimum deposit on Binomo is 150 ZAR.

Binomo withdrawal method

binomo withdrawal

You signed into the platform, chose one of the Binomo deposit methods, and deposited the amount you want to use. What now after learning/choosing on how to use the platform and did the forecasts? You earned that additional income that you have been calling for.  Let us explain how to withdraw funds from Binomo. 

All you need is a bank card or an e-wallet, which was used for the deposit. This has to be the same method for deposit and withdrawal for the sake of the security of the process. 

To withdraw funds, log into your Binomo account and you will see “Balance” on the menu. Click it, press the “Withdraw funds” button which is located next to the “Deposit” button. After setting the payout amount, set the payment method as the last step to getting your extra income.

Withdrawal limit

Although the smaller amounts of possible payouts for some countries, the minimum amount of withdrawal is 10$ in South Africa, or the equivalent of your country’s currency. But you can’t withdraw more than 3,000$ per day, 10,000$ per week, and 40,000$ per month. Remember that your payment system can set its own limits.

Withdrawal time

According to the Binomo regulations, the withdrawal process is done within 3 working days.  And the time for the withdrawals starts once the request procedure is completed. The requests for the withdrawal will be through within 3 business days again (usually it takes minutes to be approved). The exact time, and the date of funds you will receive also depends on your payment service and types of account.

Withdrawal policy and conditions

binomo policy

Like any other platform, Binomo has a few conditions and policies that each user needs to be aware of for every withdrawal process, to avoid any kind of problem. For instance, through their words in the Client Agreement that the client is solely responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the data entered in their withdrawal request. So, be sure that you typed in the exact amount you had in your mind while making a request. 

Also, Binomo is revealing the withdrawal time’s dependence on the method that was chosen and the type of account. So, they rightfully can not be responsible for any kind of delay that can occur during the process. 

There are a few more things you need to be aware of like these, so be sure that you read the withdrawal policy and conditions indicated in the Client Agreement on the platform’s website.


So, to sum up all these, Binomo stands as an online trading platform offering a great number of opportunities, including convenient to deposit and withdrawal of funds. It is important to remember that there are always risks, just like on any other platform, for example, loss of a deposit. But Binomo has taken care of this and allows users to minimize these financial risks through the tutorial and demo account sections. So, why not give it a try? Have a pleasant trade with Binomo!

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