How to make a trading operation?

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First, decide on the most suitable type of trading on the platform.

  • Standard;

Find the asset you need in the general list, write down the deal amount, indicate the chart’s movement rate (rise or fall), select the deal closing time. The transaction will be closed automatically as soon as its deadline expires.
If the user guesses the direction of the schedule, he receives a cash reward to the trading account of a personal account. It is calculated as follows:
“Investment amount + profit depending on the current % payment on the selected asset.”

  • Strike

Find a suitable asset in the general list, enter the amount of the transaction, indicate the rate of movement of the chart, add the strike price and time limit (when you want to close the deal). Further, according to a similar scheme as in the “Standard”. The only difference between the two types of trading is that this transaction can be closed before the specified time.
 Note:  the strike price is set in the mobile application. Such trading is not available on the web platform.

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