How to attach/confirm a bank card?

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AvatarShot33 asked 2 years ago
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To pass the verification of a bank card, it is necessary to send a colour image of the front side of the name “plastic”. The user needs to leave the following data visible: first and last name, 6 first digits of the card number and 4 last digits (+ document validity period).
Note:  sending the reverse side of the “plastic” is not required.
What if the bank card is not registered? In this case, you need to add an official extract from the bank to the image of the document, as a confirmation that the card belongs to you. Leave the name and part of the card number visible.
Answer for How to attach/confirm a bank card?
An alternative variant of confirmation of an unnamed card:
The user also has the right to send a screenshot from online banking, on which there is information about the full name (+ card number). Additional condition: take the required screenshot in full screen of your gadget.

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