Are reviews of Binomo trading platform fake or not?

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Binary options trading is gaining popularity every year among other ways to earn money online. Binomo is a recognized leader in this market niche. Despite its relatively short history of being on the market, the broker’s services are used by thousands of online traders around the world. However, reviews of the company itself, the trading platform and the Binomo mobile app that customers leave are not always positive. Let’s figure out why this happens, and whether Binomo is another fake.

Brief history of Binomo

what they say about the binomial app

Binomo trading platform appeared on the binary options market in 2014. At first, it was not successful with traders, as it offered a very limited set of financial instruments. Soon a global modernization started, after which Binomo moved on to a unique platform. The company quickly gained a high rating and entered the top 3 best platforms for online trading. Today, users from all over the world are registered on the Internet portal.

Also in 2016, the dealing center was certified and licensed by the Сenter for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets. This means that users will be compensated for all losses that they may suffer due to Binomo’s fault. The trading platform has A CySEC certificate and several prestigious awards, including “Best broker for beginners” and “Broker of the year”.

The company continues improvements in that regard, constantly modernizing its activities and expanding its potential. In 2019, the Binomo mobile app was released, which allows you to trade binary options in non-stop mode. It is supported by both Android and IOS devices/ Downloading the program to the gadget is simple: you need to go to the Google Play Market or App Store, searching for the name by keywords. Installation is free and does not require additional registration.

The functionality of the mobile version of Binomo is almost similar to the traditional platform, which allows the user to quickly adapt and start trading.

The company strives for maximum openness and transparency of its activities. All the necessary financial and organizational documents are publicly available on the official website of Binamo. Anyone can view them.

What does Binomo offer to its users?

binomo app trader reviews

Binomo tries to meet the needs of beginners and professional traders. By registering on the official website, each new user will get access to the following options:

  • Favorable trading conditions.
  • Ability to buy and sell assets 24 hours a week.
  • A wide range of financial tools for market analysis and execution of binary options purchase and sale transactions.
  • A powerful support service that works without day offs (
  • Quick and easy withdrawal of funds. The exact time of transfer depends on the status of your account and can vary from a few hours to a day.
  • The ability to open a free demo account and train properly before investing your own funds in binary options trading.
  • Latest analytical reviews of market situations.
  • Free educational programm.
  • Time frames from 1 second to 30 days.
  • Tournaments where you can earn really big money.
  • Promotions, bonuses for depositing funds and other profitable offers, including the partner program.

A big plus for begginers is the fact that Binomo offers a minimum threshold for entering the investment market. To start earning real money, you need to top up your deposit with just $10. Compared to other brokers, these are very loyal terms that are not worth commenting on.

Another important advantage of Binomo is the availability of a mobile app. You can install it on a device that runs on Android or IOS. With the program, you can monitor the situation on the binary options market 24/7 and make the most profitable investments.

Reasons for negative reviews of the Binomo app

If you look at the comments that users leave about the mobile version of Binom in the network, you can see the presence of negativity, open insults and accusations of fraud. But do not take such reviews seriously. We can explain it by the following factors.

Rival company sabotage

Binomial is a recognized leader in the binary options market. It is not surprising that it has more and more detractors every day. The platform continues improvements in that regard, and is now also available in a mobile version. Unscrupulous competitors are envious of this progress and buy negative reviews. These texts are almost identical, so they are easy to identify.
binomo app trader reviews

Trader’s mistakes

Often negative comments about Binomo are left by former clients who could not or did not want to understand the functionality of the site. They did not study the necessary financial instruments or delve into the intricacies of the platform. As a result, these traders chose the wrong trading strategy and failed. Of course, they did not want to write off the loss of money for their inattention and laziness, because it is easier to blame the failure of the broker and the “imperfection” of its platform.

Fear of uploading personal data to the site

Binomo values its traders and carefully monitors the security on its platform. Therefore, each client must pass the verification procedure, otherwise it will not be possible to withdraw money from the system to an e-wallet or credit card. To confirm your identity, you need to upload a scanned copy of your passport to your personal account. However, some users are afraid that their personal data will be used by Binomo for fraudulent purposes.

Technical difficulties

When the Binomo has started a global transformation of its platform, it has been accompanied by some failures in the functionality of the system. Naturally, the failure created a problem when funds was withdrawing for a couple of days. However, even this was enough for some former clients to consider the failure as unfair actions on the part of the binary broker and leave negative reviews.

Exceeding the limit for withdrawals

On the Binomo website, there are certain restrictions on the amounts that traders can withdraw at a time. It’s written in the” User agreement”, but not everyone pays attention to it. As a result, they begin to accuse Binomo of fraud for the fact that their withdrawal request was rejected.

Account blocking

As already mentioned, many brokers do not bother to read the terms of the “User agreement”. But violating the rules adopted on this trading platform, they risk to be blocked. The broker has the right to block the user’s account for certain violations, making it impossible to withdraw the earned money. And what is written in the rules can not be a fraud.

Thus, you can really earn good money on binary options trading. But to do this, you need to have certain knowledge and skills, as well as choose a reliable broker, such as the Binomo. The company provides clients with favorable working conditions and powerful support. Remember that in binary options trading, you can not rely only on intuition and luck. If you fail because of your own mistakes, the broker is not the one to blame.

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    Every app is good in use but the app which gives you profit in return will be more beneficial and useful, Binomo is one of them I just started using this app last year which gave me a good boost and it is 100% safe and secure.

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