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In the binary options market, the Binomo broker has appeared relatively recently. The date of the project creation is 2014. But the company managed to become one of the best in its direction and win the trust of thousands of traders in a record short period. What is the secret of this platform for making money on binary options on the Internet? What useful information is presented on the official Binomo website and how to go to it? We tell you in detail the features and benefits of the Binomo broker.

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Important features of Binomo

So, what are the features of the project? This brokerage system is an excellent option not only for professionals in the field of trading. The platform, located at binomo.com, is also perfect for beginners. It provides all of its clients with this advantages:

  • convenient conditions for trading;
  • a developed and really useful set of tools for successful work;
  • many interesting offers and promotions;
  • free lessons on options trading;
  • quick cash withdrawals, etc.

For potential and current Binomo clients, the reliability is very important. It is one of the few binary options where a broker guarantees its users security by having a license from the financial regulator of the DFID. Also, security on this site is guaranteed by SSL certificates, which are used by the best banking organizations.

What else traders like in Binomo? The presented platform is one of the few in the sphere of binary options trading that provides its clients with maximum comfort. The author and developers of the project offered traders not only work on a personal computer – there is handy mobile application for tablets and smartphones, which became extremely popular in 2019.

Overview of the main advantages of Binomo

Why else would you choose Binomo? This site has a lot of advantages. One of them is a very simple login. If you decide to trade binary options, you won’t have to wait long for your time, accumulate money, study or take special courses. The login threshold is very simple. The minimum deposit is 10 dollars, and the smallest allowed amount for an option purchase is only 1 dollar.

Note! If you are afraid or cannot spend this money for certain reasons, we recommend opening a demo account. This approach will allow you to practice, learn profitable strategies and understand how the site works. That is, you can get useful skills in Binomo without investing.

What else does Binomo broker, whose official website can be found at https://binomo.com/ru? Actually, this binary option gets a lot of really positive feedback for:

  • the ability to use platform in 24/7 mode;
  • the chance to get good bonuses when deposit your account;
  • a complete set of tools that are essential for successful trading;
  • opportunity for free training, etc.

And here it is difficult to put an end to it because a good opinion about Binomo has developed for one more reason – the company regularly holds tournaments between clients. Such competitions can be paid, which is ideal for professionals, and free, which is more oriented towards beginners. The broker announces the tournaments in advance. A trader just needs to sign up for an interesting match.

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Attention! Binomo systematically holds tournaments on a demo account as well. At the same time, the user has chance to win real money.

What else attracts in this project among all modern binary options? Many traders like the simplicity and transparency of trading on this platform. To increase their income online on this site, users do not need to make complex calculations using special formulas, search for Newton’s bin or prove theorems. In this case, customers can contact the developers of the project for any questionable questions. Round the clock, all traders are provided with support through:

  • hotline number;
  • support;
  • Skype chat and other communication tools.

This is a great thing that is not available on all trading platforms. And here the losses do not grow like a snowball. Everything depends only on your ability to trade.

Among other advantages there is the minimum response time, which is only 5 seconds. Also on the site, there are over 50 underlying assets, including Google, IBM, Apple, etc.

Binomo company also provides its clients with transaction insurance. For a certain number of transactions, it is possible to ensure up to 100% of funds. As for unsuccessful approaches, you can get a refund from 30%. So on Binomo, your finances are securely protected.

Features of registering on Binomo

To start working for the Binomo broker, you just have to go through the registration procedure. There’s nothing complicated about it, and the whole process takes minutes. Compared to other similar sites, registration here is as simple as possible.

When you go to the official site of Binomo just click on the button “Registration”, and then a special form will open. In a specially designated field, you must specify your e-mail address. When the procedure is confirmed, you will receive a password, which must also be entered. After that, you will need to choose the currency to work with futures and options on the site.

Note! Upon completion of registration, simply put a “tick”, which confirms your consent to the broker’s terms.

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When the procedure is complete and the currency is selected, you need to click on the button “Open account for free”. This will allow a new client to receive $1000 or EURO, or 50 thousand rubles to his account. Here everything depends on the currency chosen by the trader at registration. But keep in mind that the funds will be credited to the demo account. Such a practice deposit will allow you to understand how the platform functions, what strategies can be used here and how the differential income is generated.

If you open a VIP, Gold or Standard account, the funds will be credited to your deposit by the trader via QIWI, WebMoney, VISA, MasterCard or other payment systems.

Feature of withdrawal from Binomo

Along with many other binary brokers, Binomo offers several convenient methods for depositing and withdrawing cash. Among the most popular solutions are Maestro, Visa, Yandex. Money and many other options. You can replenish your account even with a smartphone.

Note! You can even withdraw crypto currencies to electronic wallets with Binomo.

The process of withdrawing money from Binomo is simple and fast. To learn about platform news, subscribe to Binomo on YouTube or social networks, and we wish you good luck in trading!

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    For me, the most wonderful option for additional income is that you do not need to spend too much time. I tried different options for making money online, but it was binary options that turned out to be the most suitable. I figured it out relatively quickly, thanks to the good instructions on the Binomo website. Then I experimented on a demo account and when it started to turn out to trade consciously, I opened it already real). Right now, there are no very large earnings, of course, but mainly because the deposit is not very large. To withdraw a significant income, you must at least add up to 1000 to the Deposit, but for now I trade with what I have. So far I have withdrawn quite a bit, more to check what and how. I have not had any problems. I leave all the profit for work. First I’ll develop a little. then I will withdraw seriously.

  2. Avatar

    I decided to start with five hundred straight away. The amount is not big. Such a loss will not ruin, but when trading on the same Martin something can already be done, but with the ten that many start with, at least it’s not smart to wait for some opportunities. How do you imagine real trading with such a deposit? Here, any mistake will immediately lead you to drain. in principle, a normal version with 500 would generally start, in theory. But I already understand this. A larger depot, faster development and an airbag already allows you to survive some minor disasters without a complete failure. So the minimum deposit of $ 10 is more to attract attention than to less risk, more amount – less risk!

  3. Avatar

    You need to be very careful when trading binary options, so I check all new strategies for myself on the Binomo demo account, thanks to this I can only select profitable strategies and trade with profit.

  4. Avatar

    what is binomo trading and binomo demo on the website?

  5. Avatar

    I recently started trading on the Binomo platform, and I can say with confidence that this is the most reliable, stable platform, since I had experience working with different platforms. I have earned a little while, but this is the result.

  6. Avatar

    At first glance, a too powdery platform seemed. It seems like there are no bells and whistles, but something did not go. I’m used to it over time. It’s important to just get used to it and that’s it. Moreover, you can change the color of the platform from dark to light, it’s more convenient for me to work. In general, of course, from 1 buck, although you can bet, the sense of such betting is null and void. So you can spend half your life on a normal earnings in total. The best option: a depot of 300 bucks, bets of ten and five minutes at least, then there will be sense. For payments I use old-fashioned webmoney dollars, quickly and you can play with the course when displaying on a card, the main thing is to dig a normal exchanger. In short, you can work with Binomo.

  7. Avatar

    Immediately I will say, in BINOMO came from O * * * of course it was necessary to get used to the new platform on demo. Now I trade and I trade normally. It turned out to be even easier to trade with the application on a tablet. Why am I all this. to add at least a spoonful of honey to the sea of tar that spilled here. Just BINOMO is the manna of heaven. Of course, if only registered and poured thousands of hundred, and half an hour later they were gone. And who was to blame. Of course BINOMO. And who thinks it ‘s a game, there ‘s nothing to do here, too. Shorter who writes negative reviews, are guilty themselves, or write for money. Because what is written, for example with me, has never happened. Money BINOMO brings out without problems, shorter who wants to earn that it on BINOMO! Just read the agreement better and don’t think that you will be millionaires tomorrow. Advantages: quick withdrawal of money, real schedule, courteous support service. Disadvantages: They are not there; the only desire is to reduce the minimum rate, say, as on Olympus, 30 rubles

  8. Avatar

    The main thing for me is being able to withdraw funds without delays, and Binomo fulfills this task perfectly.

  9. Avatar

    I like Binomo’s simplicity. You need a minimum of skills to start trading on Binomo and, thanks to the company’s platform, to make money on financial markets. I mainly trade on the EUR/USD currency pair, I already understand it well and can even feel it, but the truth is, I’ve only been trading on it for more than three months. My balance on Binomo is $1,000, I regularly withdraw $50-100 per day.

  10. Avatar
    Mike Cooper

    I trade on Binomo and make good money. I use their website or app. The platform is fine, withdrawals are never delayed.

  11. Avatar

    I did not quite believe before that you could really win money in Binomo tournaments. Until I won a prize one day. This is an extra incentive to trade there, because the prizes are quite good. And the profit of your trades is still yours, too.

  12. Avatar

    One of the most important advantages on the binomo platform is that they always hold some different promotions, thanks to which you can increase your balance pretty nicely.

  13. Avatar

    My friend introduced me to Binomo. Until then, I worked as a usual courier and generally knew that this friend was making money on some kind of online trading, but I thought it was sophisticated. But when I saw my friend make good money and buy himself a car, I asked him what he was doing, and he brought me to Binomo, showed me a strategy, and I was able to make 1,250 dollars in my first three months there! Now Binomo is a source of extra income for me

  14. Avatar

    I have been trading on the binomo platform for a few months. The platform works well, the quotes are fine and they correspond to real ones. Withdrawals are quick.

  15. Avatar

    What I love about binomo is that there are different ways to withdraw your funds.

  16. Avatar

    Thanks for the great review of the Binomo platform. Although I’ve been working on it for 4 months now, I did not know about some of the tricks described here. Rather, I never found the time to explore the features of the website in full.

  17. Avatar

    If you are a beginner, try trading from levels. Just draw support and resistance lines. Try to enter on a demo account from those levels and you will get it.

  18. Avatar

    Sure, when trading on Binomo, you have no guarantee you’ll start making money right away, but if you practice on a demo account for a couple of months, you can learn how to profit on Binomo.

  19. Avatar

    It’s the best platform I’ve ever traded on. Its bonuses and special offers enable you to get nicer rewards. Great!

  20. Avatar

    I love that Binomo has a modern approach to trading. Everything is as simple as possible, just for beginners.

  21. Avatar
    Radji Wilson

    It is not that easy to trade profitably on the Binomo platform. So don’t believe all those people who say that you can become super rich in a day on Binomo. It is possible to trade profitably on Binomo and it is not so difficult to learn how to do it and you don’t have to spent that much time on it. But the main thing is not to be lazy and study trading and the market as a whole.

  22. Avatar

    I learned how to trade thanks to the reviews of binomo. It was only difficult for the first couple of weeks.

  23. Avatar

    Is binomo a scam or not? That is the question that interested me when I saw the company’s advertisement. After reviewing binomo myself, I understood that the company can be trusted and you can build long-term cooperation with it. I have repeatedly withdrawn funds from the platform. My money is always withdrawn without delays to the wallets I specify. But for the first withdrawal, you need to go through account verification, a procedure which does not take much time.

  24. Avatar

    It’s the best platform I’ve ever traded on. Its bonuses and special offers enable you to get nicer rewards. Great!

  25. Avatar

    I also really like training offered by Binomo. Information is presented in a simple and clear language so that even a beginner can understand it without a problem. The key thing is patience and a desire to make money.

  26. Avatar

    Binomo is a trading platform. Moreover, it is one of the most reliable and steady services in terms of security.

  27. Avatar

    A reliable company, based on my own trading experience, I can safely recommend this company, Binomo. Only when registering do not try to deceive Binomo, otherwise your account will be blocked.