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Broker Binomo successfully started and in a couple of years has become a leader among competitors. The company firmly holds its position in the market, offering its customers excellent conditions for work and cooperation. And this is an acceptable amount of deposit, an improved platform, loyalty programs, promotions and bonuses. In the Internet space, you can often find reviews where users complain about funds not paid

It should be noted here that to withdraw profits, Binomo requests scans of documents, which is quite reasonable. More cautious users are simply afraid to send scans of their passport, therefore they cannot withdraw their earned money without them. Next, we will tell you how to correctly verify Binomo and what you need to do it.

Why is identity verification necessary?

why do we need verification on binomo

Verification is the process of verifying a user’s identity. Many inexperienced beginners think that a brokerage company is simply trying to delay the withdrawal of profits through verification and verification of documents. But such a statement is false. The document verification process is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Regulators control the process of companies working with licenses, so verification of documents is mandatory by law.
  • Age censorship control. This is because only persons over 18 can work on the exchange. At the same time, many minors want to make money, while using other people’s names and credit cards. To prevent this type of fraud, the company requires scans of the user’s passport.
  • Protection of personal data and customer funds. The charter of the company states that it is possible to withdraw and replenish money only to the personal accounts of one client. This is because fraudsters can hack an account and withdraw funds to their account. To prevent fraud, the brokerage company secured its customers in this way.

From all of the above, it can be firmly concluded that the document verification procedure is quite reasonable and important for the protection of the company and its customers.

What is needed for verification on Binomo

The company took care of its customers and simplified the procedure whenever possible. To verify your identity, you need the following documents:

  • A clear scan of the first page in the passport;
  • Photo of the opened certificate in the hands;
  • Scan of the bank card with which payment was made.

To quickly pass it, you need to send documents only in good quality so that all the details can be seen. If something is blurry, you have to send documents in a new way.

how to pass verification on binomo

As a rule, when withdrawing funds, a passport scan or photo of good quality is requested, and nothing more. But if you need to withdraw a large amount of money, the administration has the right to request a photo with a passport in hand in an open form.

Verification of all documents takes no more than three business days. But Binomo company performs this procedure within a day.

If the documents are not in order, for example, there is no photograph in the passport by age or there are expired scans of documents, then the company may refuse to withdraw money. In this case, you will have to again verify with new scans of documents.

If you have lost a document, you must notify the administration and send a scan of a new passport. The document must be in the hands, in an open form.

To send scans, you need to write to the technical support of a brokerage company. They will give an email address and a list of documents for creating scans.

After scanning these documents, you need to send them to the specified address, and then a notification will be sent to your mail about the verification. If problems arise, the procedure will need to be repeated.

binomo verification documents

All information and personal data of the company’s customers are kept in complete security and confidentiality. Work with important documents is limited to a small circle of people who are responsible for safety and security.

Summing up

Verification on Binomo is quite simple and not laborious. The main thing is to make high-quality scans of the passport and send it to the specified email address. If you need to withdraw a large sum of money, additionally take a photo and scan with a personal bank card in your hand.

If you do everything correctly and efficiently, you will pass the verification within 24 hours and even faster. Therefore, register, earn profit and withdraw it in a completely legal way. The main thing is to do everything right and your financial success will not be long in coming. And we wish you only good luck!

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