Binomo and trader reviews

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Binomo is an online broker providing access to trade in binary options. It is distinguished from other brokers by one feature — the presence of a high-quality trading platform, developed using its own technologies. And although we do not want to consider the “one-dollar” brokers, Binamo caused us interest thanks to numerous reviews of practicing traders. Therefore, we decided to find out whether this broker of binary options is honest and reliable? Is it a scam or not?

Binomo broker: a scam or not?

Before placing Binomo in the “blacklist” of brokers of binary options, we decided to study it comprehensively. And the first thing we paid attention to this company’s point of pride — a trading platform.

Binomo and trader reviews

Binomo’s platform is specifically made for trade in binary option contracts. It was its introduction that caused a wave of positive reviews about this broker. It’s indicated on that it meets the international quality standards. What is that really?

Having decided to make sure on our own experience, we put a small amount on the Deposit and started trading. The first thing that caught the eye — an opportunity to trade in only one way. It’s possible to make deals using the classic type of binary options “below/above”. And indeed, in practice it is used by most traders. But the rest of them are out of business. For example, there are adherents to “one touch” or “border” methods.

From the point of view of convenience of the Binomo trading platform, there are no complaints. Everything works quickly and without freezing up. The functionality is really well developed: it is possible to display a graph in the form of “candles”, to use the methods of technical analysis, to draw the Fibonacci levels. The availability of basic indicators was also pleased. For example, the relative strength Index and Alligator.

In our opinion, the Binomo trading platform is a high-quality and modern product. Of course, there are flaws in the form of limited opportunity of trading only the classic binary options contracts and a small shortage of tools for technical analysis. However, this did not affect the overall impression  in any way.

The moment is a plus for the Binomo broker. Reviews from other traders confirm our findings. And if the company will continue to develop, then in a couple of years we will have a serious platform developed exclusively for binary options trading. So, we don’t dare to say that Binomo is a scam or a rip-off. The company would not bother to create such a trading platform.

Binomo Reference Section: reviews and personal experience

Binomo and trader reviews

Next, we decided to study a section for training traders on the website of the Binomo online broker, which is tactfully called “reference”.  And this is no accident. Teaching traders how to properly earn on binary options trading is silly, and providing high-quality reference material is a competent course. Everything is simple and accessible: it’s possible to learn about the withdrawals, promotions and bonuses, to learn different strategies and to benefit from the experience of practicing traders. Among other things, various video materials will help to understand in many ways.

We found a lot of interesting for ourselves as well. For example, the glossary and the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest investment ideas. We think that the reference is in demand not only for beginners, but also for experienced traders. This section helps to understand the nuances of technical, news and fundamental analysis. Real reviews about the Binomo’s binary options broker suggest the same.

Bonuses from Binomo

Your Deposit on Binomo is your opportunity. It determines not only the level of support specialists, but also bonuses. The latter are hotly discussed by the traders. We were also interested in these reviews about Binomo and we decided to understand what bonuses the broker offers.

The first thing we would like to note is a “welcome” bonus. You get a 75% of deposited amount for registration and first Deposit. It’s quite a significant bonus from the Binomo’s binary options broker.

Binomo and trader reviews

The second, but no less pleasant surprise is the insurance of the first five deals. The bonus applies to all traders and does not depend on Deposit. Therefore, it’s possible to trade and not to worry about losing  the hard-earned money. The mechanism of insurance is simple — if the deal is successful, it will remain in your account. In case of failure — you have nothing to lose. This is a great opportunity to increase your Deposit several times in the first days of trading.

Binomo: truth and lies. To sum things up.

Having read a lot of Binomo ‘s reviews and personally tested the trading platform, we trust in this binary options broker. We were not left  indifferent by some nice features, although we only traded binary options through Binomo for a week. High-quality quotations are provided. Concerning negative statements about the withdrawal of funds, there were no claims. Money is withdrawn without problems.

Of course, there are small shortcomings in the terminal, but they are more than compensated by bonuses. Despite the reviews of dissatisfied traders who consider Binomo a scam, we still recommend trading through it. The best online broker of binary options in Russia is difficult to find.

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