Binomo scam and reasons

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Binomo Company appeared on the binary options market in 2014. Although broker has small experience of work in theme, he offers high-quality service to his customers. Registered users can earn good money on unique trading platform. Beginners can trade with zero experience and without start-up capital.

Binomo has high profitability on options, non-stop trading even on weekends. Beginners can think that conditions are extremely good. Indeed, in web appearing reviews of Binomo fraud. Let’s look a bit closer, does broker fraud people or he has really good conditions of binary options trade?

Binomo scam and reasons

How to recognize real fraudster among binary brokers? To find out is Binomo is fraudster or not, we need to know more fraudsters signs. We can emphasize some signs of real fraudsters:

A lot of ad. Fraudsters want to engage as many users as they can, actually in a small time period. Usually they use aggressive marketing strategies: obsessive ad, spam, numerous banners.

Cheap website. Fraudsters hasn’t profitability by investing large amounts in their websites. They well-known that through the year they will be in a landfill, without their clients. So they need to create new websites and invest another money. Fraudsters has focus on fast money. On their cheap websites you can often see different mistakes, flaws, low-quality translates and other signs of fast-made website.

Guarantees of profit. Unscrupulous brokers companies for engaging their clients use all “effective” methods: promising high profitability, 100% guaranteed earn, options with earning higher then 100%, big bonuses without refund, minimal investments with large instant payback.

Clients reviews of high earnings. To engage new clients on their resource, fraudsters buy laudatory reviews on other forums and sites. In fake reviews all telling us about easy earning using current broker, the best company characteristics, instant withdrawal of money etc.

Big number of certificates. For increasing user trust fraudsters place on their resources a big number of certificates. On sites of respectable companies as rule place trusted regulator license number. And if we go over regulator organization (which gave this license) site we can check this license number and in a good case get positive result.

In case with fraudsters we will get negative result because of fake license number. Moreover, to confuse interested clients fraudsters place license number of fake regulator, that don’t exist in all, to could not let users verify license number.

Spam. Fraudsters often use spamming. Text of the letter in most cases the same: recipient get promises of big bonuses, guaranteed prize. Distinguishing feature of fraudsters letter is that their offer is valid in limited time, and number of clients who can get this offer is limited too.

Binomo scam and reasons

Obsessive managers. For engaging clients workers of fraud organization do “cold calls”. For example, they buying a big data base of phone numbers and call all numbers in this data base and persuade owner of number to replenish account of deposit. Managers or workers of this organization promise 1000% profitability, guaranteed earning and increasing of capital for some weeks per 1000 times.

Assisting in trading. Fraudsters don’t interested in traders with big experience, they need to search full beginner trader because they are easier target to fraud. To do this fraudsters promise comprehensive assisting.

Before as a user make deposit he need to think well about it because “broker does not interested in earning”.

Vice versa, company of broker earns every time trader makes mistake. Of course managers will strongly contribute to empty client deposit – it is their direct duty to the employer. And they will never show you this.

Named signs are the most popular. There are other signs too, but fraudsters companies need to some investing in them. Of course they want to maximize they earn without or with small investing.

Checking Binomo broker on fraud

Using named signs of fraud organization, we can analyze activity of each broker. Lets find out is Binomo fraudster or company really offers a high-quality service in trade and works decently.

Firstly, Binomo does not guaranteed 100% earn. Moreover, broker does not promise easy earns, does not spamming. Workers of company aren’t obsessive to clients and don’t promise easy earn. Frankly speaking in web we can find reviews, which note that workers can offer to replenish account but they don’t persuade client to do this.

Note! After fast registration on Binomo site each client get personal manager.

But nobody doesn’t assist to trader, doesn’t give advises and signals. In case if trader will ask manager for help, manager can recommend trade strategy but not more. Client of Binomo company cant give his account to manager: on broker rules it’s prohibited. In personal manager tasks included help to the traders. He helps to learn how to use terminal, solves different technical difficulties and also answers on questions connected with partnership with company.

One more fact that help to find out is Binomo fraudster or not; is Binomo workers are fraudsters or in Binomo work only experts with current responsibility. Workers of company track different comments to broker and answer on questions like “Does Binomo pays”, also they help to figure out in difficult situations. They react fast on negative comments about broker and help to decide problems.

In all we cant say that Binomo is fraudster or cheater etc. On broker’s site we can see license of trusted regulator and we can check it successfully. If we input number of licension in site of FMRRC (Financial Market Relations Regulations Center) we will make sure of authenticity. So statements that Binomo is fraudster isn’t correct. Broker wasn’t seen in dishonesty, scandals or proceedings. There wasn’t any recourse to the court on broker too, so you can register your account and try to earn money on this platform.

Binomo scam and reasons

Why we can see reviews that tell Binomo is fraudster?

Analysis of Binomo company on fraud gives us a negative result. But you also can see comments in web that tell about Binomo fraud and get negative experience. Authors of these comments write that they can’t get money and that company reject in withdrawal of funds from trade account. Because of it beginners have different questions about Binomo: is Binomo pays, is it worth to replenish account or better to find other offer.

We understand doubts of beginners because nobody wants to lose their money. If we look deeper in question, then we will find some patterns. Negative reviews that tell about reject in withdrawal of funds was written as a rule by users without account verification.

Some registered users of company don’t know for what needs verification procedure. For them necessity of verification user data or uploading scans of passport or registration document is news.

Note! For withdrawal of funds from Binomo’s account or account of other company you need to provide scan of passport, registration document on address that was specified in registration form, and also credit card information if there need to withdrawal funds on it.

After verification each trader gets specified in request amount in three work days or earlier. In case if funds don’t received it recommends to contact with tech support and ask for explanations. Maybe there was an system error or request on stoppage by bank. Frankly speaking there can be different reasons. Mainly that there wasn’t seen fraud from Binomo, broker stably lets users make withdrawal of refunds from trade accounts.


We cant blame Binomo in fraud, there no evidence in fraud or stoppage or non-withdrawal of fund from Binomo. Of course we can find reviews in web that tell it to us, but this reviews belong to users without account verification. We also can find reviews that tell about price jiggling or company scam on beginners without experience etc. But positive reviews are more common.

Traders of Binomo platform react good about broker’s tech support, terms of partnership, fast withdrawal of funds and platform in all. And there are all evidences about withdrawal of funds, number of clients accounts are evidence to actuality of reviews too.

If you need to make sure that Binomo isn’t fraudster you can make fast registration and make a minimum deposit – 10$. After some successful trades it’s recommended to make request on withdrawal of funds. If account is verified then money will receive in three days, and in case with e-pockets almost instantly.

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