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Recently the range of online traders has been expanding fast. The binary option trading appeals by the possibility to work remotely while making fairly good earnings. It is no wonder that potential players are seeking for such a platform that would offer favourable terms and brilliant opportunities. Such is “Binomo” company which has been operating in the web-trading market since 2014 and was one of the first to develop the best environment. So let’s get to know what is winning about this trading platform and how to sign on and log in.

A word on the advantages of Binomo

binomo registration

So, why is Binomo brokerage platform compelling? A good many of users like the site because it offers:

  • Free training;
  • Bonus paid when signing up;
  • Possibility to set up a demo-account and pull in within a partner programme;
  • Perfect services being handy at all times;
  • Quick account depositing;
  • Easy cash withdrawal procedure.

Besides, this broker undertakes and ensures the users’ operations and transactions to be secured, which is verified by the license issued by the Financial Market Relations Regulatory Centre.

Simple and easy signing-on is no less catching. The minimum deposit amounts to just $10 at Binomo, and the site allows to open upwards of $1 transactions. That’s why even new entrants will have no difficulty in stepping over the threshold and starting to trade online.

Furthermore, many Binomo site and mobile version users report of any problems or tricky situations being settled quickly. You can get help from the support desk via online chat, by hotline phone or e-mail.

Binomo sign-on procedure

login for the binomo account

Potential user should visit Binomo official site being accessible at to register.

Such a way to sign on is good because it doesn’t take much time but gives unique opportunities to traders. If you follow it you can set up and use a demo-account straight away. And when the Binomo client is up to going big he’ll be able to deposit his account instantly via:

  • QIWI;
  • VISA;
  • Neteller;
  • MasterCard;
  • AdvCash;
  • Other payment processors or cryptocurrency wallets.

But first it is necessary to sign on. The “Register” icon appears once the home page is uploaded. It won’t take long to find it – it conveniently sits in the top right-hand corner. Just click on it.

After that the user will see a special form to be filled in with:

  • Actual and accessible e-mail address;
  • Generated password;
  • Account currency (USD or EUR).

It is strongly recommended to be attentive to the e-mail address you indicate as it will be used as your login when signing on later.

Helpful hints to sign up at Binomo

go to the binomo
Once the information is filled in and the system checked and verified it, tick the box where the user is asked to accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the site. But prior to that read them through carefully. Don’t ignore it!

Some clients accept all terms and conditions thoughtlessly which then turns to be their costly mistake. As all the rules and terms of cooperation with Binomo trade platform are explicitly stated in details here. If any client violates them (unknowingly as well) the site can disable his account forever and deprive of everything earned. Therefore, don’t grudge 15-20 minutes of your time for reading “User Agreement” through.

Then, go and click on “Set up account for free” virtual key. Once done, a message from will arrive at the indicated e-mail address. Click on the link attached to the message and by that complete the registration process. Following that the user can freely sign on to his personal account while using the indicated login and password.

You can also sign in via social networking websites with your Google or Facebook account. Just pick up one of them, enter your login and password and then click on “Sign on”. That’s done it! Here you go and use your site account in full.

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    I work with referrals. I tell whoever, I put my referral link everywhere on social media, now a little profit is coming in from all accounts registered using my link.

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    A friend taught me how to trade and gave me a link to binomo. I like it in general, and the profit is coming in little by little.

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    Binomo is certainly a cool company. In the morning I opened an account in a few minutes and by the evening I requested a withdrawal of my first 200 dollars 🙂

  4. Avatar

    The Binomo platform is very loyal to its traders. After sign-up, you instantly get access to may things. For example, you can open a demo account for practice. They also offer an affiliate program to refer your friends and people you know. The training materials are adequate to check out how the platform is used. In general, give it a try and you won’t regret it. So far, this is one of the most ways you can make money consistently.

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    Luck Ner

    It is great that registration on the binomo platform is so simple, without having to collect a bunch of documents and waste your time.

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    Binomo is a trading terminal with a complete set of tools that you can use to really make money on fluctuations in the financial market. What it takes is an email and password, and you can start trading.

  7. Avatar

    If you understand what trading is and what a company that provides trading services on financial markets is, then you can open an account with Binomo. But if you are afraid to enter your real personal data, forget about trading completely, because any company will require your personal data.

  8. Avatar

    Some impatient young traders rush into battle right away, bypassing the demo mode, which is mandatory for beginners. I suggest you don’t make their mistakes, start with the demo.

  9. Avatar

    No, really, registering on binomo is actually very simple. And all the functionality on the site is intuitive. Before funding your account, you have the opportunity to evaluate your strengths on a virtual one.

  10. Avatar

    Registration on Binomo is typical: your email and password, and you can use all the resources of the platform.